Since I started college in the mid-80s (dinosaur!), tuition has increased about 500 percent. Unfortunately, as I am not a 1 percenter, my income hasn't kept pace over the same time period. » 3/22/12 8:06pm 3/22/12 8:06pm

BF's stubble becomes damaging to my face about 17 minutes after he shaves, so I much prefer his soft beard. Plus he's Scottish so it adds to the sexy. Mami like! » 3/13/12 11:41pm 3/13/12 11:41pm

Ugh. I was afraid this was coming. I'm going to miss you, Brian. You were the reason I came here on the regular. Good luck, and please let us know where you land, because I'll be there. » 3/13/12 6:58pm 3/13/12 6:58pm

I moved to Oregon 15 years ago from Kentucky and I am grateful every single day, despite the rain and the lingering aroma of patchouli in some quarters. » 8/18/11 4:28pm 8/18/11 4:28pm

I have never been to the FB page of one "Juiicy Staee'Gwapd Jordan," and yet there he/she/it is on my list. Are we sure it's not showing who is stalking us? » 8/18/11 1:56pm 8/18/11 1:56pm

My Valentine's Day: The guy I've been dating for about a month gave me a 2.5 gallon drink dispenser with spigot. This is before he fell asleep at 8:30 p.m. because he'd been out the night before celebrating his friend's birthday by getting drunk and visiting strip clubs until 2:30 a.m. » 2/15/11 5:42pm 2/15/11 5:42pm

It's opening just across from my work in Portland. Yes, lots of nutty crunchies in this neighborhood, but also a lot of panhandlers/homeless folks. We think they'll break even. » 1/13/11 3:41pm 1/13/11 3:41pm